Thanks to my friend, I visited Seoul to attend TEDxSeoul last week. Thank you very much Mark!

TED is a conference held in California one time a year. It was the conference for only celebrity people, but since 2006, it was broadcasted on Internet, it got famous.

TEDx events are designed to give the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

TED means Technology, Entertainment and Design. In TEDxSeoul there are not so much talks about them, but many good ideas worth spreading. 

Unfortunately, my English skill couldn't catch up all of simultaneous translation. However, I was interested and stimulated by their voluntary mind and action.

After listening this event, I felt that the globe can get more better than yesterday gradually everyday.

I want to participate TEDxOsaka, after back to Japan.




TEDとは TechnologyとEntertainmentとDesignを意味するのですが、残念ながらTEDxSeoulではこれらに関する講演はあまり聞けませんでした。しかし、世の中をすこし良くできるようなアイディアや面白い話を多く聞くことができました。残念ながら私の耳では同時通訳を全て聞き取ることはできませんでしたが、、、



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